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Medical Treatments

  • Cutting-edge 3.0T MRICutting-edge 3.0T MRIImprove the diagnosis accuracy and patient's convenience
  • IVR-CT Interventional angiography system with CT gantryIVR-CT Interventional angiography system with CT gantryThe first in Korea combining Angiography and MSCT IVR-CT
  • Elekta Infinity with Stereotactic radiosurgeryElekta Infinity with Stereotactic radiosurgeryThe more accurate and fast radiating therapy is possible with
    the extremely sensitive and high density way of irradiation
  • The newest 128 channel MDCTThe newest 128 channel MDCTAccurate 128 images acquired by the 1round
  • PET-CTPET-CTOne whole body shot could check the cancer exactly
  • DR (Digital Radiography)DR (Digital Radiography) The excellent imaging processing technology makes it get more accurate examination.
  • Latest Angio Equipment (Philips Allura Xper FD20)Latest Angio Equipment (Philips Allura Xper FD20)The high-tech equipment * facility * staff for coronary intervention
  • HIFU Ultrasound ProcedureHIFU Ultrasound ProcedureFor uterine myoma, protect your secure uterus by high-intensity ultrasound.
  • Cutting-edge Artificial kidney machine 5008SCutting-edge Artificial kidney machine 5008SThe best equipment which is made in German for efficient and safe treating kidney dialysis patient.
  • Panorama CTPanorama CTClose diagnosis with Panoramic Exposure, CT & Photographic subtraction
  • Holmium laser Surgery EquipmentThe best medical equipment for treating prostate disease "Holep".
  • LHIPEC : Laparoscopic Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal ChemotherapyChronic seroperitoneum, melt the cancer tissue directly.
  • Whole Body local hyperthermia Equipment, Local local hyperthermia Equipment,The cutting-edge hyperthermia Equipment to improve the cancer patient’s immune system.