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Frequent Asking Questions

Frequent Asking Questions
Treatment Plan
If you send your medical document with CT, MRI, PEC-CT, ultrasonography images to us.
We will estimate your condition roughly and treatmentplan. The treatment plan will consist of the treatment modalities for you, plus the cost estimation.
Please keep in mind that this is only a rough estimation, there may be unexpected condition.
These conditions will be added to the cost of your treatment.
Can I pay with foreign currencies other than Korea won?
Yes, SAM medical Center currently accepts Wons and Dollars. If you have other currencies, you may have them exchanged at a local bank.
Do you have any accommodation near to the hospital?
Yes. we have guest house which is 2 min from the hospital. It is located just in front of the emergency center. Reservation is necessary.
Translation Services
we provide translation of the following languages : English, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian and Vietnamese.