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Cranial Nerve Center

Cranial Nerve Center
Cranial Nerve Center

neurology, neuropsychiatry

Cranial Nerve Center is practicing integrative treatment with specialists of neurology and neuropsychiatry working together to treat brain-nervous system diseases. Based on the best medical team and the latest medical equipment, the center will take the lead in diagnosing and treating nervous system related diseases.

  • Complete examination of cerebral tumor, cerebral hemorrhage and dementia through complete brain examination
  • Early detection and treatment of dementia, stroke and Parkinson’s disease by specialists of central and peripheral nervous system
  • Propose integrative treatment (natural healing/ mind healing) without depending on medicine treatment only for wide mental illnesses
  • Examination for early-stage prevention of dementia; and optimal prevention and control program for stroke and dementia
Medical team of Cranial Nerve Center
Gang-ju Seong, manager (neurology specialist)
Stroke, dementia, peripheral neuropathy, epilepsy, headache, dizziness, motor disorder, nervous system infection
Yu-ri Jeong, manager (neurology specialist)
Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, stroke, epilepsy, headache/dizziness, paresthesia, facial nerve palsy
Tae-yeon Seo, manager (neuropsychiatry specialist)
Depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, sleep disturbance, substance abuse/dependence, psychosomatic medicine
Latest 3.0T MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Latest 3.0T MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Accuracy of diagnosis and convenience of patients have been improved.