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Kidney & Endocrine Center

Kidney & Endocrine Center
Kidney & Endocrine Center

kidney internal medicine, endocrinology

At Kidney & Endocrine Center , specialists of kidney internal medicine and endocrinology are collaborating organically to treat lifestyle related diseases and all sorts of renal diseases and making effort to deliver patient-oriented treatment. It is operating high-tech Artificial Kidney Center to provide hemodialysis to patients struggling against chronic renal failure and delivering various education programs through diabetes education center.

  • Scouted Korea’s best osteoporosis specialist professor Gi-ok Han!
  • Manage renal diseases including chronic renal failure by capable specialists
  • Operate Artificial Kidney Center with up-to-date equipment and facilities
  • Operate personalized customized diabetes management system (diabetes education, dietary experience, exercise)
  • Outstanding grade (1st grade) in the adequacy assessment of hemodialysis by HIRA (Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)
Medical team of Kidney & Endocrine Center
Jae-won Lee, manager (MD, kidney internal medicine specialist)
Hematuria/proteinuria, hypertension, edema, urinary stone, acute renal impairment, chronic renal - disease, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis
Gi-ok Han, manager (MD, endocrinology specialist)
Diabetes, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, endocrine rare disease, menopausal disease
High-tech artificial kidney 5008S
High-tech artificial kidney 5008S
The best-in-class German equipment was adopted to promote treatment efficiency and safety of dialysis patients.