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Stomach·Large Intestine Center

Stomach·Large Intestine Center
Stomach·Large Intestine Center

gastroenterology, hemato-oncology, surgical oncology, general surgery

Stomach·Large Intestine Center was established to provide fast and comprehensive treatment as to colorectal cancer, small bowel neoplasm and anal cancer as well as gastric cancer which ranks first in terms of cancer incidence in Korea. StomachㆍLarge Intestine Center allows for optimal cancer treatment by discussing a variety of latest treatments through inter-disciplinary treatment. The center is also making effort to treat gastric and colorectal cancers through early detection of gastrointestinal cancer, endoscopic and laparoscopic treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy by utilizing the latest medical technologies and equipment.

  • Scouted Korea’s top-notch specialists of gastric and colorectal cancer
  • Diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy through close collaborative practice among gastroenterology, hemato-oncology and general surgery
  • Established one and the only system in Korea to treat peritoneum metastasis cancer
  • Selected as the first-grade medical institution in the surgery of gastric, colorectal and liver cancer by HIRA (Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)
Specialists of Stomach·Large Intestine Center
Hong-gi Lee, manager (hemato-oncology specialist)
Colorectal cancer
Jeong-ho Seo, manager (hemato-oncology specialist)
Gastric cancer
Chae-yeong Lee, manager (surgical oncology specialist)
Peritoneal cancer, peritoneal metastasis cancer, SB injection
Seong-jin Kim, manager (general surgery specialist)
Gastric cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, cholelithiasis, hernia, peritoneal metastasis cancer
Deok-hyeon Jeong, manager (general surgery specialist)
Colorectal cancer, rectal cancer, anorectal disease, laparoscopic surgery, hernia
LHIPEC (Laparoscopic Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy)
LHIPEC (Laparoscopic Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy)
We can now treat by directly melting malignant ascite, a cancer tissue.