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Intervention Radiology Center

Intervention Radiology Center
Intervention Radiology Centerr

Immunity Clinic, oriental medicine, complementary/
alternative medicine

Intervention Radiology is a medicine of performing not only examination and its interpretation but also ‘treatment’ using imaging. Intervention performs treatment by using the least invasive method. It usually inserts catheter or medical needle directly into blood vessel or body parts you want after making a small hole in skin and performs treatment by directly monitoring catheter, needle and subject body organ with imaging device.

Intervention Radiology Center is equipped with angiograph for high-resolution digital subtraction angiography and 3D image reconstruction and other essential devices for intervention. In addition to the high-tech examination equipment, medical team of specialists with rich clinical experience enables the center to provide the best treatment and effective treatment result. The center will not be complacent with the current success but continues research effort to provide more comfortable and effective treatment to patients.

  • Adopted IVR-CT (CT + angiography) for the first time in Korea
  • Adopted high-tech double-sided angiography for heart and brain surgery
  • Intervention in one place
  • Diagnosis and effective intervention operation
  • A variety of intervention operation utilizing diverse equipments such as angiograph and ultrasound
    [ET (Endo Vascular Treatment), RFA, PDT (Photodynamic therapy), Cryoablation, etc.)
Specialists of Intervention Radiology Center
Deok-ho Nam, manager (MD, intervention radiology specialist)
Intervention radiology
Yong-sik Jeon, manager (intervention radiology specialist)
RFA (Radio-Frequency Ablation), intervention radiology, abdomen radiology
IVR-CT Interventional angiography system with CT gantry
IVR-CT Interventional angiography system with CT gantry
First in Korea to adopt high-tech equipment that is capable of angiography and CT (Computed Tomography)