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Eye·Ear·Facial Plastic Surgery Center

Eye·Ear·Facial Plastic Surgery Center
Eye·Ear·Facial Plastic Surgery Center

ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, facial plastic surgery clinic,
family medicine

EyeㆍEarㆍFacial Plastic Surgery Center diagnoses and treats diseases related with eyes, ears, nose and throat. For the effective collaborative practice between ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology specialists, treatment is provided in a single space so that patients can receive treatment easily by minimizing spatial and physical distance through layout.

  • Scouted an eye plastic surgery specialist at a manager level!
    Performed eye plastic surgery on droopy eyes
  • A wide range of retinal disease treatment such as cataract and glaucoma utilizing state-of-the-art equipment of university hospital level including photocoagulation laser
  • Scouted Korea’s top-tier otorhinolaryngology specialist!
  • Possible to treat and perform surgery on otorhinolaryngology diseases such as laser laryngeal microsurgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, tympanitis, hearing impairment, dizziness and tinnitus
Medical team of Total Spine Center
Su-yeon Park, manager (ophthalmology specialist)
Cataract, eye plastic surgery, tear drop disease, ophthalmology
Jang-geun Oh, manager (MD, otorhinolaryngology specialist)
Rhinoplasty, snoring, sleep apnea, ear implant, Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), endoscopic sinus surgery, chronic otitis media surgery, dizziness, tinnitus rehabilitation treatment, diseases of salivary glands (parotid gland, submaxillary gland surgery, sialolithiasis), laryngeal microsurgery, thyroid gland & head/neck tumor
Hui-ok Kim, manager (otorhinolaryngology specialist)
Tympanitis, hearing impairment, tinnitus, dizziness, sinusitis, rhinitis, pediatric otolaryngology, otorhinolaryngology
Eui-gyu Kang, manager (family medicine specialist)
Health examination, primary care, general skin disease, chronic fatigue, non-smoking, obesity, hospice palliative care