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Infertility Center
Infertility Center

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A word of infertility was used in the past for a state of not being able to get pregnant for a long time. However, as the wording of infertility can give a negative impression about pregnancy, a terminology of subfertility is being used often these days.

Medically, WHO defines subfertility as a state of not being able to get pregnant despite regular sexual relations without using contraception for more than 1 year. Since the age of women have close relations with subfertility, women aged over 35 years old and not being able to get pregnant for more than 6 months are recommended to seek medical advice considering subfertility. In case of not being able to get pregnant for a long time despite regular sexual relations, it is needed to see a doctor to check if there is any medical problem.

Characteristics of Sam Infertility Center
  • Treatment is based on natural period or ovulation induction through nerve stimulation. The center aims at safe treatment that reduces side effect or complication, convenient treatment that reduces self-injection medication and economical treatment that reduces high-price treatment.
  • The center provides treatment considering bioethics. The treatment is mainly based on fresh embryo transfer and refrains from selective induced abortion and embryo experiment.
Medical team of Infertility Center
Do-yeong Jeong, manager (Infertility Clinic specialist)
Subfertility, infertility, single port laparoscopic surgery, high-risk pregnancy, advanced ultrasound of fetus, gynecologic cancer examination, gynecological plastic surgery, urinary incontinence
Gyeong-suk Choi, manager (Infertility Clinic specialist)
Subfertility, infertility (male, female), endocrine (menstrual disorder, hormone disorder, puberty) clinic, menopausal (menopause, osteoporosis, sex) clinic, gynecology, prenatal diagnosis, complementary / alternative medicine clinic, prenatal diagnosis and contraception