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Medical Examination Center

Radiation Oncology Center
Medical Examination Center

Patients can receive the best medical examination in a cozy atmosphere thanks to high-tech diagnosis equipment and the best medical team. The center provides economical health management programs through accurate diagnosis and treatment by combining oriental and Western medicine especially based on collaborative practice between Western and oriental medicine.

  • Best facilities and latest equipment (128 channel MDCT, PET-CT, endoscope, digital X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, bone density)
  • Patient-oriented examination process
  • Specialized examination of Sam Hospital (pupil & iris examination, BIA examination, TMA (hair Tissue Mineral Analysis), high-tech gene cancer screening)
  • Examination by specialists of each division (radiology, family medicine, gastroenterology, dentistry)
  • Diverse medical examination programs allow for customized examination suitable for each individual
  • One-stop connection with the concerned medical department in case of abnormal finding as a result of examination
Specialists of Radiation Oncology Center
Complete examination of digestive system
menopause and cancer
examination program for parents
2-day VIP examination